Friday, 12 September 2014

Laminated tubes - the best solution for packaging cream and other semi liquid products

Any industry is as good as its products are. Products are the only thing that reaches to the customer at the end of the day and we customers have nothing but the products to judge any company. So, if the products are good and effective, we might assume the same about the company as well. Apart from the manufacturing procedure, ingredients used, state of the art technique, there is another thing that plays a very crucial role to elevate the quality of the product that is the packaging and storing process. Since the manufactured goods will not be sold out in one day, companies have to make sure the permanence of the goods.

Out of this concern, companies are now using a special kind of tube known as laminated tubes for packing. Mostly liquid to semi liquid products are packed in these tubes. The application of these tubes has already spread in the industrial sectors around the world. The key sectors that it covers are pharmaceutical, food, oral care, cosmetics etc. In fact according to the reports, almost 70% of laminated tubes are used in the oral care sector. The key reasons behind its vast use are the cost-effectiveness of these tubes and the longevity. More number of industries is now accepting the application of these tubes.

Laminated tubes for cream are vastly used for packaging of cream and other semi solid products. These tubes are made of laminate and there are different layers of this tubes that also include a thin aluminum layer to ensure the specific thickness. The best part of these tubes is that it can maintain the quality of the products until the time that is fully consumed. The tubes work as a good barrier from outside effect and make sure that whatever the situation is the product retains its quality. These tubes are non-toxic and hygienic and don’t cause any reaction to the inside product this is how the quality, color, taste, odor everything remain the same.

As for some other advantages of these tubes aluminum lotion tubes these are best for storing lotion and other semi liquid products like cream, gel, paste etc. These tubes act as a good barrier from water and moisture effects and ensure the longevity of the products. These tubes are extremely flexible, squeezable and leak proof. They can be printed as well as per the requirement of the customers. The shelf life of the products increases while stored in these tubes. For the convenience of the users, laminated tubes are available with different caps and closures.


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