Saturday, 28 November 2015

Understanding Laminated Aluminum Tubes Better


The laminated tube is created bringing together the advantages of both aluminum and plastic. Laminated tube suppliers in India, like Sorbead India, make use of the latest technology to create a tube, which 1) offers protection against light, air and humidity, 2) provides sufficient space for graphics and lastly 3) has the most aesthetic minimal seam.  
Laminated tubes find the maximum use in the pharmaceutical industry. High-end laminated tubes are mainly used to pack medicines that are in gel form. As they are manufactured as gels, one needs to be extra careful while packing and transporting these medicines as the chances of them getting spilled over are very high. This is where laminated tubes prove useful as their high gloss protective lacquer will keep the medicine safe and unadulterated. In the market, laminated tubes are available in many graphic modes and in different sizes and styles. There is something for everyone in the wide range of laminated tubes up for offer.
Now let us understand the manufacturing process of Laminated Tubes. They are made from a poly- foil-poly premise having polyethylene on both sides of a light gauge of foil.  In some cases, paper is also used. In the first step, the laminate feed-stock material is enhanced by using letterpress or  rotogravure printing. 
Next, the laminate tubes are created by placing the laminate material rolls onto the machine. Then the material is transferred onto a flat state and moved through forming rolls where the tubes are shaped into different sizes, as per the demand. It then passes through hot temperatures, which joins the sides together to create the final cylindrical tube. In the third step, the tube moves towards the heading operation section where the preformed head and shoulder are attached to the  tube top. This is done using heat generated from high-frequency energy.
The last stop is the capping section where the cap style, be it flat, fez or pedestal, is finally decided upon. Once the cap is fitted, it is torqued according to customer requirements. Then the tube moves towards packing and is finally ready to be used.

Advantages of Using Laminated Tubes

Supplier of Laminated Tubes

As mentioned earlier, the main benefit of using Laminated Tubes is that it combines both the positives of plastic and metal. The tube material is like plastic and has the tough barrier properties of alumina. The latter prevents contact with air, strong light and moisture, which can render the product useless. Laminated tubes also act as a strong barrier against dust particles and wind. They too can spoil the gel/ointment stored inside.

Another major advantage of these tubes is that they are tamper-resistant and have a good “feel” about them. This good “feel”is maintained throughout the shelf life of the product. Most pharmaceutical opt for laminated tubes as they are lightweight, hygienic and toxin-free. The low cost of manufacturing is also an added bonus that customers make a beeline at the suppliers of laminated tubes

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Applications of Aluminum Tubes in Packaging Industry

Collapsible aluminium tubes are obtainable in many various sizes they have various features some of them are like they create 97% pure aluminum slugs. They allow controlled amounts to be give out with no trouble. 

Such kind of collapsible aluminium tubes are used in many industries such as construction  and manufacturing. Aluminum is known to be a strong metal, which is malleable, strong and lightweight it also performs electricity and heats quite well. 

Benefits of Aluminum Tubes in Packaging Industry:

Aluminum Tubes in Packaging
Aluminium packaging gives a huge advantage that is corrosion resistance. It offers maximum protection properties by providing a water-resistant metal barrier to ultra-violet rays, light, oils, fats, water vapour, micro-organisms and oxygen. The time when they are packed with products that are sensitive products such as food or pharmaceuticals, aluminium is non-toxic, hygienic, retaining and non-tainting the product’s taste. The characteristics of aluminium possess are just not the same when compared to the other different metals. For instance it can bend easily, they are also flexible and it can be molded and heated at less temperature. There are many ways which are concerned to bend and shape this metal. Few of the ways which are complex to bend this metal are rotating draw bending and one of the most accepted by many industries is the Hot Blending.

Some applications include tamper resistant options and features, Crimp sealant, Cap resin, Internal liners and coatings. With the increased demand of aluminum tubes for ointments, it has become quite clear that a lot of players are set to enter the industry to fulfill the demands of the users and expanding their market reach.

Plastic containers more of inbuilt practical benefits over other dispenses and containers. They are:

•Less expensive
•Light in weight
•Tough and durable
•feels good when touch
•Elastic facilitating product provision
•Motionless and Odorless to most chemical.


•They are used in Pharmaceutical Packaging.
•They are also used in Packaging Industry.
•Internal Liners and Coatings.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Multiple Advantages of Laminated Tubes

The Laminated Tubes are the soft and squeezable container that is used for containing the thick liquids like ointment, toothpaste, caulking, and adhesive. Normally this tube is cylindrical with the hollow pieces that are made of plastic for many purposes. The ends of the tubes are normally treated differently for the manufacturing process as well as for filling process. The laminated tubes are useful for shaping the product in many different styles and strengths. The liquid products can be shaped according to the type of tubes that is used. The Plastic nozzles are used in the tube for increasing the best type in lengths and various styles. The laminated tubes for cream will make the product stored in a good manner and the cream will not be affected by any water molecules present in the environment in the best manner. Normally the Tubes do not have the poured from the liquid aluminium that will produce the best type of improvement in the stability of the product in the best manner. 

Advantages and Application of Laminated Tubes:

For protecting the liquid products such as creams, toothpastes and many others, it is gets for using the laminated tubes in the best manner. Laminated sheets will be printed with the exact type of needs with the by suitable letterpress and it will be useful for increasing the image of the product. Some of the advantages of the laminated tubes will be useful for protecting the products from water molecules. The Laminated Tubes are designed in such a manner for making it extremely eye catching and attractive used by most of the laminated tubes supplier in India. Laminated Tubes will prevent the unwanted effects of air, light and moisture. When the UV rays are prevented from entering the product then it will be easier for maintaining the better quality. The Laminated Tubes can also be useful for many products in many different sizes and shapes. It will be useful as the non reacting protecting agent. Some of the applications of the Laminated Tubes are:

Ointments or thick liquids

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Increasing Popularity of Aluminum Tubes for Cosmetics Packaging

Introduction and Definition

The packaging industry is growing day by day, whether its food packaging, medical packaging or cosmetic product packaging. The cosmetics packaging industry is a very complex one because keeping the cosmetics intact during the transit or bad weather conditions is a monumental task for the manufacturers. To overcome issues caused by moisture, companies use high end desiccants and packaging materials. Aluminum tubes are the best options available for packaging cosmetics as they are quite helpful in keeping impurities and moisture away from the contents.

Applications and Industrial Uses

Aluminum tubes for cosmetics packaging are high end packaging tools that are used by the cosmetic industry for the purpose of keeping the contents safe and fresh for a long period of time. Aluminum tubes are also quite helpful in keeping the contents away from impurities. They are Eco-friendly and are available in a wide range of styles to suit the needs of different manufacturers.

Some Popular Products Packaged in Aluminum Tubes

Compact powder
Face wash

Besides, all such products there are various other cosmetic items that are packaged in aluminum tubes. Every manufacturer needs to identify the needs of his products before choosing a particular aluminum tube for the purpose of packaging. Another great advantage of using aluminum tubes is that manufacturers are able to do their branding on the tube’s body. These tubes come with custom made caps and therefore the manufacturers can promote their products and reach out to more people with the help of these tubes.


Aluminum tubes are extremely lightweight and durable in nature. They also offer protection against the UV rays of the sun, which might harm a lot of cosmetics such as creams and conditioners. Aluminum tubes manufacturers should carefully keep a check on the quality of these tubes to ensure that they offer great functionality while keeping the contents safe. The inner and outer surfaces of these aluminum tubes are properly coated and therefore there’s no chance of a leakage. This is one of the key reasons why most of the manufacturers prefer these tubes for packaging their products.

Aluminum Tubes Manufacturers
Sorbead India is a name that you can rely upon as far as acquiring high end FDA approved desiccants is concerned. The high quality aluminum tubes for cosmetic packaging offered by the company are always in demand and several suppliers consistently purchase them to make their work simpler. Various companies opt for custom made aluminum tubes that are specifically created as per the needs of a particular manufacturer. 

Such tubes are highly durable in nature because they can easily withstand a lot of pressure and also keep the contents safe when the weather conditions are getting worse. Aluminum tubes for cosmetics packaging are becoming increasingly popular due to the great benefits they offer. These tubes are made up of high quality materials that help in keeping the moisture away from package contents. 

Friday, 30 January 2015

Aluminium Tube Manufacturers Across India

On account of the massive demand for aluminum tube manufacturers and its related suitable caps for these aluminum tubes, there is almost an endless variety of manufacturers in India. Each of them has developed unique techniques that have given a big boost to the development of this industry.

Aluminum Tubes
The Caps for These Aluminum Tubes are equally important and are shaped and designed in accordance with the aluminum tube they cover. It is important to mention some of the important players in both these industries. The Reliable and Established Manufacturers. It is known that collapsible tube and cap manufacturers abound in every nook and corner; however, it is important to segregate the better established and more reliable ones. Here are a few of them:

Shan Industries is one of the largest companies in this industry. They have developed a turnover of more than 900 million Rupees and their number of employees exceeds 600 people. They are known to manufacture quality collapsible and other aluminum tubes with their respective caps. They also Manufacture Aluminum Tubes and pet bottles with their perfect sealing caps. Presently, they have three plants that are located in Jammu and Kashmir and in Silvassa. They are also known to export to some of the advanced developed countries.

Oriental Containers Ltd. is in joint collaboration with a Malaysian Company called Oricon Industries. They are well known in the manufacture of aluminum collapsible tubes and different kinds of sealing caps. They also manufacture ROPP caps chamfered caps and twist caps that are universally acknowledged. Besides, they specialize in printing on the tubes as per the customer’s specific requirements. Importantly, they claim to be the market leader in India in this segment.

Agnum Extrusion has its head office in Vadodara, Gujarat. They claim to be the pioneers and leaders in the field of manufacturing collapsible aluminum tubes and their accessories. They specialize in providing assistance from the initial stages of development of the product to providing the suitable artwork and design of the best aluminum tubes and their caps. They claim to be leaders in this part of the world in product development and the best customization jobs that anyone can provide. They also have all the equipment required for the different processes under one roof.