Saturday, 28 November 2015

Understanding Laminated Aluminum Tubes Better


The laminated tube is created bringing together the advantages of both aluminum and plastic. Laminated tube suppliers in India, like Sorbead India, make use of the latest technology to create a tube, which 1) offers protection against light, air and humidity, 2) provides sufficient space for graphics and lastly 3) has the most aesthetic minimal seam.  
Laminated tubes find the maximum use in the pharmaceutical industry. High-end laminated tubes are mainly used to pack medicines that are in gel form. As they are manufactured as gels, one needs to be extra careful while packing and transporting these medicines as the chances of them getting spilled over are very high. This is where laminated tubes prove useful as their high gloss protective lacquer will keep the medicine safe and unadulterated. In the market, laminated tubes are available in many graphic modes and in different sizes and styles. There is something for everyone in the wide range of laminated tubes up for offer.
Now let us understand the manufacturing process of Laminated Tubes. They are made from a poly- foil-poly premise having polyethylene on both sides of a light gauge of foil.  In some cases, paper is also used. In the first step, the laminate feed-stock material is enhanced by using letterpress or  rotogravure printing. 
Next, the laminate tubes are created by placing the laminate material rolls onto the machine. Then the material is transferred onto a flat state and moved through forming rolls where the tubes are shaped into different sizes, as per the demand. It then passes through hot temperatures, which joins the sides together to create the final cylindrical tube. In the third step, the tube moves towards the heading operation section where the preformed head and shoulder are attached to the  tube top. This is done using heat generated from high-frequency energy.
The last stop is the capping section where the cap style, be it flat, fez or pedestal, is finally decided upon. Once the cap is fitted, it is torqued according to customer requirements. Then the tube moves towards packing and is finally ready to be used.

Advantages of Using Laminated Tubes

Supplier of Laminated Tubes

As mentioned earlier, the main benefit of using Laminated Tubes is that it combines both the positives of plastic and metal. The tube material is like plastic and has the tough barrier properties of alumina. The latter prevents contact with air, strong light and moisture, which can render the product useless. Laminated tubes also act as a strong barrier against dust particles and wind. They too can spoil the gel/ointment stored inside.

Another major advantage of these tubes is that they are tamper-resistant and have a good “feel” about them. This good “feel”is maintained throughout the shelf life of the product. Most pharmaceutical opt for laminated tubes as they are lightweight, hygienic and toxin-free. The low cost of manufacturing is also an added bonus that customers make a beeline at the suppliers of laminated tubes